Balance Ninja

Balance Ninja is a two player game which takes place on a balance beam, and has been awarded a Best Paper Honourable Mention at the CHI Play 2016 Conference: Balance Ninja: Towards the Design of Digital Vertigo Games via Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation.

In Balance Ninja each player wears a GVS system and an Android mobile phone affixed to their waist or chest. The readings taken from the phone affect the alternate player's GVS system such that if, for example, player one leans to the left, the GVS of player two creates a pull to the right for player two (and vice versa).  

The more player one leans, the greater the level of stimulation applied to player two.  Therefore, when both players are facing each other they appear to lean in the same direction. In Balance Ninja, rather than the players' balance being affected solely by a GVS system, another player has direct control of the opposing player.  

The objective of the game is to cause the opposing player to lose their balance by either touching their balance board to the floor or stepping off the board.  If a player touched the floor in either of these ways they lost the round and a point was awarded to the winning player.  The game ended when one player reached a maximum of five points.