My research interest lies in the area of augmenting technology to aid human experience - particularly in relation to encouraging active lifestyles and helping people to obtain their personal goals.  Several of my publications on these subjects can be found here.

Currently for my PhD, I am trying to answer the research question: How do we design digital vertigo games? To answer this question I have created novel interaction experiences, leaning on Exertion Games, Vertigo and bodily movement resulting in the design and study of three different game prototypes. My goal is to create a digital vertigo design framework for use by HCI and game designers to guide the development of digital vertigo games.

My interest in vertigo games comes from my interest in thrill seeking sports, such as rock climbing and fun activities like theme park rides and fun fair rides. My work extends that of notable games sociologist Roger Caillois, who first described "vertigo" as one of the four main design categories for games and play in his work "Man, Play and Games". I also contribute to the fields of HCI and Play.